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How Does Humic SCG Work??

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Take a look at our YouTube video, which shows how our Humic SCG product works..



A worthwhile and cost effective method of improving soil drainage and reducing water logging and compaction.

We Know How Compacted Soils On Your Farm Costs You Money

We Also Know How Using Humic SCG Can Lessen Compaction

Water must be able to move freely in the soil  -  both down in times of high rainfall and back via capillary action in times of drought. Water logged or drought prone soil is most likely to be suffering from  compaction.

A well-structured soil will hold water and oxygen in the correct amounts allowing grass to breath. This also encourages production of the vast array of beneficial micro-organisms that will go a long way towards feeding your crop most of it’s nutrient requirements.

Many of the best soils have critical water management problems that must be solved before the most efficient production can be achieved.

Applying Humic SCG will help excess water to move through the soil allowing in the air with the subsequent benefits of improved biological activity and humus building.  

From This

To This

Humic SCG  is a worthwhile and cost effective method of improving soil drainage and reducing soil shear strength.


  • Increased Water Infiltration

  • Increased Yield Potential

  • Increased Growing Season

  • Increased Nutrient Availability

  • Increased Biological Activity

  • Decreased Water Logging

  • Decreased Risk of Liver Fluke

  • Decreased Acidity

  • Decreased Hard Compacted Soil

  • Decreased Fertiliser Requirements

  • Decreased Nitrogen Loss

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