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Complex Foli-N



Soil Fertility Services have been promoting Bio-Logical Farming Solutions for many years making them the market leader in this field. They have also been involved for over 20 years in Research and Development of a range of biological products.


COMPLEX FOLI-N has proven to be very beneficial in maintaining green leaf area, improving plant nutrient status during periods of stress and rapid growth and optimising nitrogen uptake for grain fill. 


When applied to cereals and OSR crops it will improve plant health and alleviate drought stress.


Contains nitrogen, magnesium, manganese, zinc, sulphur and boron plus other trace nutrients essential for optimal plant growth along with biological stimulants and a consortium of beneficial micro-organisms dubbed ‘Megabacters’.




  • Higher Yield Potential

  • Reduced Disease Pressure

  • Improved Biological Production

  • Increased Green Leaf Area

  • Less Reliance on Chemicals

  • Improved Plant Nutrient Uptake - Especially in times of stress

  • No Leaching or Volatilisation

Complex Foli N



Using the unique Complex Technology, Complex Foli-N uses S.A.N (Stabilised Amino Nitrogen) complexed with magnesium or sulphur and added to biological activators, our beneficial bacillus consortium ‘Megabacters’, seaweed extract, humic acids, fulvic acids and essential trace elements.


It’s a lot more than just nitrogen!

COMPLEX FOLI-N is a complete plant food and natural growth stimulant. In fact, it contains a total of 27 essential plant nutrients. Trials show crop response from 1kg of foliar nitrogen applied to the leaf being equivalent to 4kg Ammonium Nitrate applied to the soil.  Therefore, an application of only 10 lt/ha will do the same (or better) as 8kg of soil applied nitrogen. When applied during times of rapid growth or high stress, COMPLEX FOLI-N directly activates major plant processes, allowing plants to make better use of inputs and helps to prevent disease pressure.


Why Megabacters?

Applying a consortium of specially selected  beneficial microorganisms and not individual strains increases their effectiveness in what is a dynamic environment. So as conditions change, different individual strains of bacillus thrive and wane, this way beneficial bio-diversity is maintained at the optimum level.

SFS Biological Trials on Spring Barley
SFS Biological Trials on Maize

Complex Foli-N  Range of Products

Complex Foli-N + Mg

Magnesium is a vital nutrient for all plants. A key part of the photosynthetic process and crucial for the production of chlorophyll this essential nutrient is often low in early season tissue tests. Complexed with the nitrogen it can make a big difference to the health and potential of your crop.

Complex Foli-N + S

For milling wheat growers it is crucial that crop protein levels do not fail at the last minute. Achieving 13% protein levels secures a premium price so ensuring the levels is the ‘be all’ and ‘end all’ of each years crop.


Complex Foli-N OSR (with Boron and Molybdenum)

Most OSR crops demand more Nitrogen, Sulphur and Magnesium post flowering at a time when soil is often drying out and the plant is under stress, conventional soil applied products struggle to meet crop demand at this time.


Complex Foli-N Maize (with Zinc and Boron)

Maize needs a large percentage of its Nitrogen requirement from the 8 leaf stage, through tasseling and on to cob fill. This often coincides with difficult soil conditions meaning that your crop can be put under large amounts of stress, leaving the crop short of nitrogen during these crucial growth stages.

Complex Foli-N products are all mixed in seaweed base with Humic/Fulvic acids, plant growth promoters, essential trace elements and Megabacters.

These products form part of Soil Fertility Services Ltd’s biological nutrition programme.

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