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Complex Liquid Feed



Can you turn wheat straw or poor quality forage into a valuable buffer feed to supplement the ration at low cost?

The current high prices of soya and rape meal means that high protein feed is an expensive option so the question is, are you looking for a high quality / low cost alternative?

Palatability is a major concern from low quality silage. The new COMPLEX LIQUID FEED products improve palatability so stock intake is higher.


By complexing the amino nitrogen with phosphate and magnesium the ammonia is stabilised and only releases slowly as the rumen bacteria convert it to high quality protein. Add seaweed and beneficial minerals and vitamins to the product and you improve the health and well-being of your stock plus improves conversion rate.


Feeding liquid feeds that contain molasses is known to increase the energy extracted from the diet and utilises the nitrogen for microbial protein production. This efficiency is maximised when all other required microbial nutrients are also given.


Molasses is also a source of carbohydrate which is  readily available for rumen microbes improving rumen function. Increasing microbial protein production and ration fibre digestibility.



  1. Standard   -  62% protein as non-protein nitrogen (NPN)

  2. Gold   -  58% protein as NPN seaweed, minerals & vitamins

  3. Dairy  -  22% protein as NPN PLUS seaweed, minerals & vitamins

Complex Liquid Feed

Do you have some poor quality forage or are you just short of what you need?

As long as you can get hold of some straw you can then simply add COMPLEX LIQUID FEED high protein at the rate of approximately 1 litre per head per day. We can even tailor-make you one that will convert straw into a quality feed complete with all minerals including magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, boron, cobalt, selenium etc.

Adapting cattle and the rumen to feed change is a serious management challenge. One of the challenges is the need to reduce the impact of the ever increasing reliance on commodity based rations. Using a molasses based liquid product like COMPLEX  LIQUID FEED helps maintain uniform feed intake overall and is exceptional in masking ration component changes. 


Other benefits are:

  • Improved Palatability - helps to improve overall animal feed intake.

  • They coat all TMR components and hold them together - reducing physical separation of fine ingredients so prevents sorting which then encourages uniform intake of all ration components.

  • The high sugar content combined with rumen available protein provides a readily available food source for rumen microbes - minimising bacterial challenges and helping the microbes to adapt and resume normal  rumen function more quickly.

Complex Liquid Feed

%  Protein Available Upon Entry to the Rumen

          Time Interval (Hours)

Many molasses based Non-Protein Nitrogen products are not properly STABILISED and the NPN is not returned but lost quickly in urine.  Only COMPLEX LIQUID FEED  products are  ‘complexed’ which means they release slowly and are efficient.

  • Rumen Degradable Protein is broken down to Ammonia by bugs

  • Synthesised into amino acids and absorbed in intestine

  • Surplus protein absorbed by blood and processed by liver

  • Excreted as urea

  • Energy is required for excretion

Complex Liquid Feed

Non-Protein Nitrogen is the most efficient form of rumen degradable protein but needs energy (Sugar), sulphur, magnesium and other minerals for microbes to perform

We include seaweed in the COMPLEX LIQUID FEED because most people know it is beneficial to all living creatures and few more so than your animals.

Small amounts of seaweed will provide health benefits that nothing else can compare with.

We use ‘Atlantic Gold’ which is a pure clean cold pressed extract that retains a wide range of health giving vitamins plus over 28 minerals including iodine along with 18 amino acids. 


Highly concentrated so you don’t need much and the benefits to stock include:

  • Improved general health - animal coats shine

  • Increased milk yield and butter fat

  • Reduced milk fever, cleansings

  • Increases weight gain in Beef/Sheep

  • Improves fertility - conception rates


The secret is a little every day and that is why it is an integral part of the COMPLEX LIQUID FEED program. 

It’s good for you too!

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