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Soil Fertility Services have been promoting Bio-Logical Farming Solutions for many years making them the market leader in this field. They have also been involved for over 20 years in Research and  Development of a range of biological products.


Mega-Fos is a bio-logical foliar plant and soil feed that is not only biologically active it is biologically regenerative. As your soils start to warm up, your crops begin to wake-up. Using an application of Mega-Fos ensures your soil biology is functioning and your crop has it’s first REAL kick start.


Mega-Fos contains nitrogen, phosphite, potassium, manganese zinc and other trace nutrients essential for optimal plant growth along with biological stimulants and  a  consortium of  beneficial micro-organisms dubbed ‘Megabacters’.



  • Stimulate rooting and growth

  • Encourage fine root hairs

  • Reduce disease pressure

  • Boost soil nutrient cycling

  • Increase yield

What makes Mega-Fos so effective?

It’s all in the Megabacters


What are Megabacters?

A consortium of beneficial soil borne bacillus bacteria cultured from strains native to the UK


How do they work?

Forming a symbiotic relationship with plant roots feeding on plant exudates and in return cycle nutrition back to the plant, unlocking ‘tied’ up nutrients especially phosphate and nitrogen. They form the bridge between roots and the soil.

Using Mega-Fos tips the soil biology back in your favour creating added competition to fight off pathogenic disease organisms and in turn promote plant health and nutrition.


Where do they work?

In your soil and on your plant. Mega-Fos re-establishes and feeds the soil biological population. It also coats the green leaf area of the plant. Fungicide applications kill harmful disease pathogens and at the same time Mega-Fos re-populates the plant’s surface with beneficial Megabacters providing extra competition to prevent disease organisms from gaining a foothold.


Why Megabacters?

Applying a range of beneficial microorganisms and not individual strains increases their effectiveness in what is a dynamic environment. So as conditions change, different individual strains of bacillus thrive and wane, this way beneficial bio-diversity is maintained at the optimum level.

Mega Fos
Mega Fos

Above:-  Megabacters show the increases to yield and profit margin

How does it work?

Mega-Fos is sprayed directly onto the leaf and is absorbed into the pores - stomata, that enable the plant photosynthesis to take place.

The nutrients are absorbed through these pores, often within 24 hours so results are seen very quickly.

Mega Fos

Key stages to foliar feed winter wheat are during early growth, prior to plant maturity, especially GS20 (T0) and GS31-32 (T1).  


Mega-Fos can be applied to all crops including cereals, brassicas, sugar beet and vegetables.


The most beneficial time to foliar feed is when the plant stomata are open. Therefore, in early morning or evening when they are responding to changes in daylight and temperature.


Foliar feeding struggling crops with Mega-Fos will provide an extra nutritional boost to encourage deeper and more extensive rooting providing the perfect platform for a high yield. For best results use a sprayer that can produce a mist and smaller size droplets.


An application of Mega-Fos is the ideal solution to boost your crops growth with nitrogen, potash and phosphite.  These are in exactly the right balance to benefit your growing crop, with the addition of important trace elements manganese and zinc, for strong root systems and Megabacters for a healthy leaf and rhizosphere. 

Neil Anderson (Farmer in Kent) says:-

“It definitely gives the crop a kick and makes it look more healthy”

Mega Fos

SUMMARY:- Mega-Fos is a part of Soil Fertility Services Limited’s

Bio-Logical Farming  Solutions Program and will improve your soils true fertility.

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