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Vitaplex is a liquid concentrate consisting of a broad range of minerals and sugars with humic and fulvic compounds.


Powerful but natural bio-stimulants contained in the material greatly benefit plant growth and soil conditions, to boost yields and profits for the farmer.


  •  Increased Crop Yields

  • Increased Green Leaf Area - Carbon Capture

  • Increased Plant Vigour

  • Increased Root Growth

  • Improved Soil Biology

  • Releases Minerals

  • Efficient Uptake of Nutrients by Plants

  • Can be Tailor-made to Your Needs



Vitaplex intensifies the activity of the plant soil system. Photosynthesis is increased so more carbon from the air is fixed into plant tissue.

Energy-rich compounds produced in the leaves by this vigorous metabolism move into the root system and out into the soil, where billions of bacteria, algae, fungi, protozoa and other organisms feed on this energy. 


The organisms in turn release minerals and growth stimulants for plant uptake - a beautiful symbiosis. 


Plant stress is reduced, removing growth and yield limitations.



Your crops are sugar factories and need minerals such as phosphate, potassium  and magnesium etc with the correct levels of trace elements including manganese, copper, zinc, boron - in fact at least 24 elements in the right balance, are needed for a healthy plant to flourish.


The problem is, crops have been concentrated with nitrogen and this creates imbalances and weak growth, that will ultimately produce crops that are prone to higher disease pressure and reduced yield potential.


The mineral analysis of Vitaplex will vary depending on your crop requirements, but will contain humic and fulvic acids with sugars and the full spectrum of essential trace elements with extra emphasis as per the label.

Example: Vitaplex Foli-K will have extra plant available potassium.

All the products in the Vitaplex range may contain Megabacters, in a food source of simple sugars, as an aid for plant health and disease resistance.

Products can be tailor-made for your crop requirements and are suitable for the  following crop types:

  • Cereals        

  • Vegetable crops

  • Pulses          

  • Brassicas

  • Maize 

  • Fruit - top and bottom

  • Sugar Beet   

  • Grassland

Feed the soil and the soil will feed the plant / Feed the plant and the plant will feed the soil

Vitaplex BIO

Supplies a range of specific microbes chosen for their specific roles, which when absorbed into the plant’s vascular system, helps protect it from pathogens.


Microbes release antibodies into the rhizosphere to solubilise phosphate and potassium that is ‘locked-up’ in the soil.

Vitaplex V8

Supplies a great range of trace elements and plant stimulants to keep the plant green and healthy for high yields.


It can be applied to a range of crops to increase vigour and robustness.


Contains a wide range of trace elements with optional Megabacters.

Vitaplex Foli-Mag

Magnesium is the heart of the chlorophyll which gives plants their green colour and implements the process of photosynthesis.

Vitaplex Foli-Mag provides this magnesium as the powerhouse for photosynthesis in your plants.


Contains extra magnesium with optional Megabacters.

Vitaplex Foli-K

Potassium is important for metabolism in the plant and plays a role in water balance and plant growth.

At specific growth stages or drought, potassium in the plant can be low, which is when Vitaplex Foli-K is beneficial.


Contains extra potassium and with optional Megabacters.

Vitaplex Pulse Mix

Legume plants need to support the nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Rhizobia) to fix nitrogen in the soil.


This pulse mix contains cobalt and molybdenum to improve nitrogen fixation.


Contains extra cobalt and molybdenum with optional Megabacters .

Vitaplex Fruit

Supplies a range of trace elements and growth stimulants to support fruit production.

This package is fundamental to producing high-yielding, nutrient-dense fruit with delicious flavours.


Contains trace elements and optional Megabacters.

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