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Humic SC is a biologically active soil feed. It is a mix of seaweed, humic/fulvic acids and soil conditioners that work to encourage water infiltration through your soil profile, helping to create an environment that both stimulates soil biology and increases rooting.


Humic/fulvic acids act to chelate minerals, holding them in a ‘plant available’ form. As plant yield is set early on, effective crop establishment is vital.    

Effective establishment translates as an extensive root system of deep roots, branching off into the many fine root hairs that explore your soil and really communicate to the biology within it, maximising the potential of your soil food web.


  • Releases lock-up phosphate

  • Improves compaction therefore deeper more uniform root growth

  • Produces more open, better aerated soil

  • Increases humus development

  • Improved water infiltration

  • Improves nutrient availability

  • Reduces run-off and standing water



 To really make your soil more fertile we need to first improve the structure, i.e. good aeration, water moving freely, then feed the soil with products that actually improve the fertility. Compost, FYM. slurries and cover crops all are good fertility builders but not everyone has access to them and application can be awkward or expensive.

Humic SC applied at 10 litres per hectare should be used as part of your fertility building programme. Quick and easy to apply (it can be applied with Glyphosate), this product will feed your soil with simple sugars, Humic/Fulvic acid, seaweed, trace elements, soil conditioners and an inoculation of beneficial biology.

Soil life is just like you and I, in that it needs air, food and water in the right balance. Humic SC provides a food source for the biota resulting in the release of phosphate, nitrogen and other elements that plants need to develop.


Now that really is feeding your soil!


 Humic SC is a mix of seaweed, humic/fulvic acids and soil conditioners, that work to encourage water infiltration through the soil profile, helping to create an environment that both stimulates soil biology and increases rooting. 

Humic SC

 Wheat NO Humic SC 

Humic SC
Humic SC

 Wheat WITH Humic SC 

Humic SC
Humic SC

Comment received recently by our Soil Fertility Specialists from a ‘first time user’ of Humic SC:


“Dear Nick and George, I thought you might like to see this comparison on root development      between the Humic SC treated winter wheat crop vs untreated in the adjacent field (similar soil type). Very interesting and results replicated across the field - obviously not scientifically! Best wishes Jake”     



Soils that sit wet for prolonged periods post-harvest are not condusive to good yields. They will be anaerobic, cold and risk becoming slumped.

The soil conditioners in Humic SC will boost water infiltration in even the  heaviest of soil, encouraging water to move down the soil profile. This stimulates deeper and extensive root systems to develop, allowing essential nutrients to be obtained by the plant. Deeper root systems also help in dry periods as the plant can find moisture more readily, thus reducing stress.

These have knock-on effects as plants that come under physiological stress are prone to disease. You cannot put too much emphasis establishing and feeding your plant and soil early therefore boosting yield potential early on.

Humic acids and bio-stimulants boost phosphate availability your soils contain tonnes of phosphate but is it available to your plant? If your soil’s are wet and anaerobic, then it is unlikely. Phosphate availability is linked to biological activity, so use Humic SC to feed your soil and start to unlock those phosphate reserves in your soil.


Biology helps to move phosphate between pools.

Humic SC

One of the most readily observed results of Humic SC is improved water infiltration rates. By breaking down the adhesion which produces compaction of soil into rigid structures, particularly into a hard pan layer, Humic SC prepares the soil for much deeper and faster influx of water. The increased penetration of water results in reduced run-off and standing water in previously wet areas.   

Feed the soil and the soil will feed the plant / Feed the plant and the plant will feed the soil 

Humic SC

Photos left:


Photos both taken at a farm in Northamptonshire.

The bottom field was treated with Humic SC, both fields then drilled at the same time


Both are on the same soils.

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