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Incorporating the residue from a 4 tonne crop of wheat is a tough job for you and your soil to handle. Bio-Mulch will speed up the decomposition of this bio-mass, turning into beneficial humus.

The decomposition process is a biological function and requires the work of Bacteria, Fungi, Nematodes, Amoebae and our best friends ‘Lumbruscus Terranus’ - better known to us as earthworms. 

Bio-Mulch contains amine nitrogen with humic acids and Eco SC. It is the only COMPLETE soil conditioner with

biological activators and nitrogen-fixing organisms and Megabacters.

These natural beneficial microbes will not only fix nitrogen but release phosphate and trigger essential plant

growth auxins. The soil conditioner improves water infiltration and encourages deeper rooting.


  • Increases Phosphate Availability

  • Decomposes Straw/Trash,

  • Builds Humus

  • Reduces Disease Carry Over

  • Increases Soil Biological Activity

  • Biological Inoculant


Working with and understanding the biology of:


1. The soil - How to feed your soil so that your soil can feed your plants.

2. The plant - Understanding how your plant will feed the soil - it’s symbiotic.

In order to improve the biological activity of your soils, we add a range of beneficial bacteria and fungi to the

Bio-Mulch. This soil life should be ever present in your soils but chemical treatments and cultivation can harm

these populations. They will come back over a period of time depending on soil and weather conditions, but we

can speed the  process up by using products like Bio-Mulch.

Most arable soils are bacterial dominated, we need a better balance for disease control and general soil fertility.

Fungicides and cultivations destroy any fungi quickly, bacteria are much quicker to repopulate and utilise the

food source which then increases the dominance.

The beneficial bacteria we add are a consortium of 8 different strains of bacillus all with different roles, some

are decomposers, some are phosphate fixers, some trigger photosynthesis, some produce antibiotics and

reduce disease pressure. They will also fix nitrogen and make other nutrients/minerals more readily ‘available’.

Bio Mulch
Bio Mulch
Bio Mulch
Bio Mulch
Bio Mulch

Licheniformis bacillus are included to assist in the breakdown of straw and prevention  of diseases such as Phytophthora and Fusarium. Fungi like damp, cool conditions so autumn is prime time for building numbers and seeing it working in  the soil. After 2-3 weeks, if it is cool and damp, look at the roots of your crops, look for hyphae, increased earthworm activity and white rot/mould – it will be there and smells lovely!


When applied to chopped straw and chaff, the decomposers in the Megabacters begin to breakdown the lignin

in the straw. This is not something that happens quickly but continues to work right into the winter. The stabilised nitrogen and nitrogen fixers stimulate root and leaf production and help balance the critical carbon/nitrogen ratio.

Bio Mulch

BIO-MULCH includes a full range of Megabacters and nitrogen fixers, with an improved food source in a seaweed base. This increases the population of beneficial micro-organisms, which results in faster straw degradation, more disease control and bigger, stronger rooting systems.

The nitrogen fixers in this product will add extra nitrogen into the rooting area  of the crop and will continue working until the soil temperature drops to 4°C and with the added amino nitrogen and trace elements in the product it will push early growth.

Zinc will increase root growth and the beneficial phosphate fixers and biological activity will cause the plant to produce cytokinins which also improve plant health and increase rooting area.  The soil conditioners will improve water infiltration and increase air space. Trials show 200% increase in root weight.


When you use herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, you upset and cause damage to the delicate beneficial soil and plant micro-organisms. We are not suggesting you cannot grow the big crops you need without using these chemicals, but what you can and should do is to take the opportunity to restore health and balance.

Feed the soil and the soil will feed the plant / Feed the plant and the plant will feed the soil 

Bio Mulch

Bio-Mulch is the only COMPLETE soil conditioner with biological activators and nitrogen fixing organisms.


These natural beneficial micro-organisms will not only fix nitrogen, but release phosphate and trigger essential plant growth auxins. The soil conditioner improves water infiltration and encourages deeper rooting.


Picture left:

Healthy root system of 4 week old OSR plant having been treated with Bio-Mulch OSR.


Picture right:

8 week old OSR plant, having been treated with Bio-Mulch OSR


Both pictures show the impressive rooting systems that can be achieved from using Bio-Mulch.

Bio Mulch

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