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Why Do You Need The BetterGrass Program?

How it works and what we can do for you

 When you join The BetterGrass Program we will:

  • Analyse your soil

  • Analyse grass / forage / feed values

  • Make detailed recommendations on what you need to do to:

    • Improve the soil 

    • Improve the quality of the grass

  • Source the most effective products that you need to use

  • Re-check soils and grass once the program has kicked in and monitor the results

  • Advise on cultivation, aeration and sub-soiling


These cows seem to think so and to be fair it does look good, however, we tested the grass and the results show otherwise (see right of picture). Some mineral levels are very high whilst others are badly deficient.

These young stock are desperate to get into the adjoining paddock, they did not eat the grass in the one they are in and will not eat it in this new ley; why? Because it is unpalatable and lacking in nutrition as can be seen by the mineral result shown here. They just don’t know it yet!

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