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Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Our UNIQUE plant growth stimulant, (also a soil conditioner) produced from the highest quality Vermicompost extract.

Vitaplex V8 consists of biologically available Carbon, humic and fulvic acids, plant growth enzymes and trace elements that boost performance of both the soil and plant, whilst also assisting natural disease resistance.

The humic and fulvic acids in Vitaplex V8 increase nutrient uptake by the plant, improve soil water holding capacity and chelate heavy metals in soil, thus preventing the accumulation in the plant.

Due to its versatility, Vitaplex V8 is the base element in many of our biological products, making it the first and simplest step towards soil and crop resilience.

Make better use of your soils locked up reserves.

Many soils comprise of large amounts of locked up Phosphate that is unavailable to the crop. Humic SC contains humic acids and bio-stimulants that enhance Phosphate availability. Specially formulated with seaweed, Vermicompost, humic/fulvic compounds and soil conditioners that operate to encourage water penetration through your soil profile, it aids mineral chelation holding them in a more plant ‘available’ form and will support early vigorous root growth, therefore creating an improved soil environment that both stimulates biology and enriches soil structure.

Why would you limit a plants ability to take up water and nutrients? restricting root development, causes plant discoloration and stunted growth. Soil conditioners are amendments that can improve soil structure by increasing aeration, water holding capacity, and nutrient cycling.

They loosen compacted areas and release locked up nutrients whilst also increasing aerobic conditions.

Without the correct ratios of soil, air and

water, many beneficial micro-organisms that

make up a proportion of the organic matter in

good soil, cannot survive.

Bio-Mulch makes your crop residues work.

Old crop debris can add significantly to your soil, but these benefits can be locked up.

Bio-Mulch is the biological key to unlocking the nutrition held in the trash; it assists the breakdown of crop deposits allowing your soils to focus on what is more important - growing a crop.

When it comes to recycling trash there is a trade-off; ask the soil and its inhabitants to clear up the rubbish and their focus of attention gets taken away from the growing crop, resources that would be better used by the plant get squandered during the decomposition process. For example: Nitrogen is required for the breakdown of Carbon, soil supplies are then the first to get tapped into, thus denying its use elsewhere.

The decomposition process is a biological function and requires the work of bacteria, fungi, nematodes, amoebae and our best friends ‘Lumbricus Terranus’ - better known to us as earthworms!

Bio-Mulch contains amine nitrogen with humic acids and the only COMPLETE soil conditioner in conjunction with biological activators, Nitrogen-fixing organisms plus Megabacters!

These natural beneficial microbes will not only ‘fix’ Nitrogen but will release Phosphate and trigger essential plant growth auxins. The soil conditioner improves water infiltration and encourages deeper rooting.

Bio-Mulch provides the assets to get the job done.

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