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How Do You Grow Better Grass?

To grow better grass means finding out what the balances and ratios of minerals are in your soil and fodder, then implementing a simple but cost effective programme for soil nutrient balancing and the correct use of fertilisers IF required.

A good quality grass needs 20 or more minerals and your stock needs ALL of these if they are to enjoy good health and grow as they should. Increasing mineral levels in the grass will improve the immune system in the animals that eat it, why then would you use only N P K?


Trace minerals are essential including selenium, iodine, copper, zinc etc. but the single most important nutrient bar none is calcium –CALCIUM IS KING.


Calcium plays a critical role as an essential nutrient not only for your stock but for the plant and also for soil micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi etc.) These effect straw and trash decomposition, soil structure and nutrient availability.

More than:

  • 50% of UK pastures are deficient in cobalt

  • 75% are deficient in selenium

  • 45% are deficient in copper

  • 70% are deficient in zinc

  • 58% are deficient in sodium

  • 100% have ‘locked-up minerals

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